Coronavirus COVID-19 ISHSKO WELLNESS UPDATE (18th March)


We understand that the measures taken by our Government to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 may impact your ability to contact our centre or visit our centre for treatment.

We want to reassure you, we continue to help our clients in several ways. You can contact our centre by phone or email: Calls may be diverted to the centre’s mobile phone during the days the staff works from home. If no one is available to take your call please leave a message and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Please be patient.

  1. Supplements and remedies can be ordered by emailing us: A member of our staff will contact you regarding your order and take payment over the phone.
  2. Our Nutritionist and A.R.T. therapist will be available Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons to address questions regarding your A.R.T. protocol. Please email questions in advance to make your consultation as efficient as possible.
  3. We want to reassure you, we are continue to help our clients by working though remote therapy sessions for the following therapies:
    • Autonomic Response Testing
    • Emotion Code
    • Body Code

What is a remote therapy session?

It is possible to give a very effective and beneficial distance or remote therapy
treatment to a patient even if they are on the other side of the planet. There will be times when it becomes necessary for long distance therapy, with certain clients who are often at remote locations , might have health problems and cannot come for an inperson treatment or like in our current Coronavirus situation.

All living things and beings are permeated and surrounded by a universal energy field or aura. Autonomic Response Testing Therapy and Emotion/Body Code utilises this force to observe changes in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (Our Inner doctor that deals with anything we do not think about, like our breath, digestion, heartbeat etc). A change in this field has an effect on a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Because we are all connected through the Universal Energy Field, it is possible to detect an individual’s state-of-being across space.

In my practice I have come to experience that distance between the practitioner and Patient is irrelevant, nor is there a time factor, and that, long distance therapy is an effective tool in establishing balance and well-being in individuals.

Therapy Sessions can be conducted by prior consent and pre-pay arrangement only, where a time is allocated that is convenient for the patient. It is strongly recommended that you consider this therapy time as sacred and set aside the space and time not to be disturbed. As with anything, taking responsibility for yourself and your health, and receive the therapy session with with focus and feeling, will allow for the best results.

After the distance therapy a protocol or synopsis will be derived to discuss the findings and any interventions that need to actioned on. Nutritional remedies and essences will be send at additional cost.

Please read through the Distant Therapy policy document by clicking on the link.

The ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE for holistic health & wellbeing

Irelands first Integrative Holistic Health Centre offering support for patients with suspected heavy metal and environmental toxicity, practitioner guided Detoxification & Wellness Therapies in a relaxed environment under one roof.

The ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE uses an integrated approach to both diagnostics and treatment. Our experienced team of health practitioners work cohesively, sharing the knowledge of individual therapy they offer, both with which makes our diagnostic and treatment programs unique.

The ISHSKO Centre’s essence is expressed in its name: formed from the ancient sound current language “ISH”meaning “flourishing” and ” SKO” meaning “health”.

Overlooking Ireland’s Holy mountain Croagh Patrick, the location itself offers a restful and uplifting influence. Away from the daily hustle and bustle, our programs can reconnect and revitalize the unfolding human spirit.

The Ishsko Wellness Centre, 2 Brooklands, Lannagh Rd, Castlebar, County Mayo, F23WR63 Ireland
Tel: 094 9532000

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ISHSKO Health Services

At the ISHSKO Wellness Centre you can experience a life–invigorating health enhancing treatment. Alongside detoxification and nutritional therapy, we offer support therapies which address obstacles that may impair the body’s natural ability to detoxify and repair it self. The ISHSKO Wellness Centre is based in Castlebar, County Mayo since June 2017.

The Wellness centre is located above the ISHSKO dental practice and has its own separate entrance accessible from the alley way. 

detox-suite mayo castlebar, ISHSKO wellness centre Ireland

Our Detox Suite

The ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE’s DETOX SUITE offers several detox programs using a 6 technology approach to the elimination of toxins.

Why you would use our intense detox therapy program?

Our detox suite program is a passive therapy program, which means you don’t do anything but relax while receiving it.

The program is designed to help increase circulation, move stagnant blood from our organs to the surface of the skin and targets the detoxification of environmental toxins by perspiration (dioxins, paraben, petrochemicals, additives, heavy metals etc) that are otherwise hard to eliminate by the liver
and kidneys.

Is your body telling you it is time to detox?

Read the article by Dr Evelien

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