Our Mission

Mission Statement

The ISHSKO Wellness Centre embraces the concept of individuality and draws on the knowledge and wisdom of all health modalities, philosophies and cultural traditions from both East and West, and has developed its own multi-disciplinary treatment programs. These are now made available in our tranquil setting, to all who search for optimum health and personal development.

The ISHSKO Wellness Centre’s ethos is not bound by any dogma or religion.  The comprehensive nature of the Centre’s activities will rest on a framework of practical principles encompassed by the “5 Levels of Health” considered essential to human growth and development.

It is the interest of the ISHSKO Wellness Centre to broaden the Centre’s resources by inviting eminent speakers from different philosophies and traditions, both Eastern and Western to share in programs as Guest Teachers. Our BTEC approved postgraduate education centre will launch in the new year.

The broad spectrum of modern integrative health programs will allow the ISHSKO Wellness Centre’s patients, workers and trainees alike, the opportunity to gain knowledge from a variety of approaches through close personal association with respected representatives of each tradition. This will enhance the person growth of each individual in his/her own pace and will give the capacity to mature his or her own ideas and to achieve a firm set of values as the basis for personal happiness and service to others.