Our Team

Dr Evelien Van Amerongen

Founder, Integrative Healthcare Practitioner and Autonomic Response Therapist

Dr Evelien van Amerongen is the founder of the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE. She practices Autonomic Response Testing since 1988.

She is continuing to develop systems and products to help her patients achieve optimum health, among them are the ISHSKO vibrational Essences and ISHSKO Waveshield EMF shielding products.

Michelle O'Donnell

Autonomic Response Therapist, Nutritionist

Michelle Joined the ISHSKO Team in 2013, as the A.R.T/nutritional therapist she is helping people addressing the causes behind their symptoms and develops personalised detox programs to strengthen the body’s ``inner doctor``

Patricia Mannion

E.F.T. therapist , Family Constellation practitioner and Kundalini Yoga teacher

Patricia, as the centre's Mind/Emotional wellbeing practitioner, she offers her wealth of experience to our patients, to help them resolve emotional blocks. Her one on one approach or family constellation group sessions have offered many patients a new lease of emotional life

Robert Ennis

Cranial Sacral Therapist, NMT therapist, Energy Healer and Chi Gung/Ti Chi Teacher

Robert has had an interest in Natural Health since he was a teenager and has taken care of clients since 1994. He has been working with the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE since 2008, especially in conjunction with dentistry and orthodontics.