Patient Journey


In order to get the best out of your visit to our Centre as a new patient, please download and complete the forms and post them back to us in advance of your appointment. It takes around an hour to complete.

New Patient Registration Form

Medical History Intake Form

Signs and Symptoms Questionnaire

01: Becoming a Patient

The Centre offers health care for 3 groups of patients covering all ages.

a) Patients already in good dental and overall health who understand the importance of holistic preventative care and choose to maintain their health with ISHSKO.

b) Patients suffering minor dental/health issues who choose to engage in a proactive, progressive approach towards optimum health with ISHSKO.

c) Patients suffering chronic degenerative health issues who would like to understand the causality behind their imbalance and choose to engage in a proactive, progressive approach towards optimum health with ISHSKO. These patients would benefit from our full integrative approach towards dental and full body health and healing.

Prior to the first visit patients will be asked to complete a series of in depth health questionnaires in order to integrate what they do and do not already know about their health.

Once the questionnaires are completed and returned to the Centre our team will evaluate the patients’ health status along with individual strengths and weaknesses.

The questionnaires also give an important broad overview of the patients’ dental/medical history and current health status. This information is vital for the team of practitioners to evaluate what type of assessments and diagnostics are needed to understand the often-complex imbalances that underpin the symptoms behind health issues.

As many of our patients travel from afar, this preliminary information will help towards scheduling the assessments as time efficiently as possible.

02: Assessments & Diagnostics

Depending on the dental/whole body health status and level of complexity of symptoms, patients will undertake one of three types of assessments:

a) Basic Comprehensive Dental Assessment

b) Basic Comprehensive Dental and Autonomic Response Test – A.R.T

c) Full Comprehensive Dental and Autonomic Response Test, B.T.M. laboratory test: Body Terrain Management: Urine/Saliva References

d) Vital signs test: Visual Acuity, Mineral Tasting, Blood pressure, Oxygenation, Vitamin D, Immune modulation nutrition.

03: Pathway to Health

‘Our Physical Body exists within a sphere of invisible etheric bodies that each have their own anatomy and physiology. These levels interact continually and simultaneously. Care needs to be taken on all the levels of our existence to achieve long lasting health and happiness’.
D. Klinghardt M.D

The ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE incorporates the methodical diagnostic and therapy module according to Dr D Klinghardt MD. It is based on what ancient healing modalities understood 1000’s of years ago. “Each level of our body has its own expression, science, diagnostic tools and treatment modality. Treatment on the higher levels of the body can filter down into the lower levels. Treatment on the lower levels however, cannot influence health on the higher levels. By evaluating imbalances on each level the appropriate treatment modality suitable for that level can be prescribed.”

After all relevant data is gathered and laboratory test results are ready to be incorporated into a wellbeing evaluation, an ‘Integrative Care Conference’ will be scheduled amongst the key practitioners to develop a comprehensive treatment plan and optimum wellness program to target the individual health needs of the patient.

A written dental/general health treatment report and recommendations will be available two weeks after the patients’ first visit.

Wellness program Discussion with our Dentist, A.R.T. practitioner and Wellness Coach

Depending on your health status our Dentist, A.R.T practitioner and/or Wellness coach will assist you in understanding the treatment plan, time frame and fees. You will be advised how to integrate what you have learned into your daily life. According to your personal needs, goals and preferences your Dental and general Wellness program will be finalised and level of coaching agreed.

04: Biological Dentistry

Depending on the level of Dental Health and issues the treatment will address matters in a specific order when applicable:

a) Treatment of infection: gums, non-vital or root filled teeth, tooth decay.

b) Removal of Mercury fillings according to the order of priority: highest negative electro-galvanic activity to the highest positive electro galvanic activity-battery effect and replacement with biocompatible restorative material.

c) Balancing of the jaw-function and optimising the occlusion (the way the teeth meet).

When patients request the removal of their mercury fillings, it is essential to understand that solely removing mercury fillings does not cure anything specific. It is a great and important step towards optimum health when done safely using the IAOMT protocol but only the beginning. The fillings often leak mercury vapor throughout the lifetime of the restoration which is deposited elsewhere in the body i.e. Brain, Kidneys, Thyroid, Fatty tissues etc. Detoxification of such areas is therefore essential.

05: Detox Support Therapies

The Autonomic Response Test (A.R.T) and if necessary laboratory tests, will show how the body is coping with the levels of heavy metals. For every body burdened with toxins, there is an equal burden of chronic infections and unresolved emotional stress.

How we cope with this burden is different for each of us, depending on our genetic make-up, the foods we eat, the environment we are exposed to and what life has brought us in way of emotional and mental challenges.

Reduction of sensitivity to the body burden of toxins and the elimination of them can only be achieved with the correct support nutritionally, structurally and emotionally.

Detox suite

The Detox Suite at the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE contains 6 leading technologies designed for the elimination of toxins and rejuvenation of body and mind on all levels of health and healing.

The Detox therapies serving the most beneficial to patients in actively pulling out toxins are discussed amongst ISHSKO’S team of practitioners and detailed in the treatment plan to ensure effective detoxification.

Depending on levels of toxicity, detox therapies are important for patients undergoing mercury removal dental treatment as well as patients without mercury fillings who still test high in heavy metal toxicity.

The 6 detoxification therapies include:

Infra-Red Sauna Therapy
Avalon Light, Heat & Sound Therapy
Photon Wave Colour Therapy
Vibro Acoustic Therapy
Hyper-thermal Mud Bath
Sun Ancon Chi Machine

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949022468.