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Bio-energy Shaking Meditation

Several practitioners here as well as many of our patients continue to work on their own Inner connection with the practice of Bio-Energy Meditation. This energy practice also called ‘Shaking’ meditation is not bound by any dogma or religion and is in itself complete, as it works on all the 5 levels of health, not just the physical. With emphasis on ‘practice’ rather than theory or technique Shaking Meditation is a free and deeply transformation practice where laughter, our most powerful healer is accessed. Local sessions are held here at the ISHSKO centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All start at 7pm and cost €5 to participate in. All monies are donated to the Ashram in Bali. Shaking groups are also located across the country in Dublin, Westport, Galway, Cork and Boyle and as well as in 25 other countries in Europe.

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