What People Say

Thank you

I want to thank you Michelle & the ISHSKO Centre. You cured me of something I didn’t even admit to having. You asked me if I had any shake in my hands, I denied it, sorry, I hadn’t accepted I had, it had just started a few weeks previous. Now it’s gone, I am so happy, I was really scared. I’ve been singing the praised of the ISHSKO centre since. Thank you so much – I don’t believe anyone else in the country could have helped me!


Brilliant Massage Session

I would like to thank Christopher, massage therapist at the ishsko wellness centre for a brilliant massage session. Since the flu episode that bothered me during Christmas , all that coughing had cause a stiff neck and frozen shoulder. After the session I noticed that my neck and shoulders had freed up completely and with it my tight temper mellowed equally. Brilliant work !

T A. Aghagower

Thank you

Having attended the Ishsko Centre to have several Amalgam fillings and a root canal removed, I can highly recommend anyone to seek treatment from them. This is not just dentistry, this is holistic, patient centred healthcare at it's best. It was such a relief to be cared for by a team of health professionals who really understand the implications of dental ill-health and it's effects on our general health. All dentists should work like this and I can safely say I will not be working with any Dentist who doesn't take this approach again! Thank you to Dr Evelien, Michelle, Chris and Sharon.

Rebecca Atkinson

Mercury Free Dentistry

When I first came to the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE one year ago, I did not know fully know what to expect. All what I wanted was to get rid of the many physical complaints, which were caused by the Mercury heavy metal poisoning and the chronic dental infections . Over the years my symptoms worsened. Going through the whole process of the dental work, the detoxification program before during and afterwards as well as all the support therapies ,was a long journey, but it was well worth the many efforts and it still is. Thank You Dr Evelien and thanks to all the team, who all contributed to make my life worth living again. I am now mercury filling free and all the dental infections are treated.I took on board all the good advices on diet and lifestyle and after all that I do feel like a completely new woman. One year ago I could hardly walk, everything was an effort. I was in constant pain and could hardly sleep. All these things have considerably improved. People are all telling me I am looking 10 years younger then last year, and i do feel this way as well. I do know that there are still improvements to make, but I have to be patient, because it took me many decades to get where I was health wise. With all the support I received I know I will bring myself to a level where life is fun and joyful. And one important point! I never listened to the people and medics that were trying to tell me that with age I will just had to put up with all these complaints. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Henrietta B. Isle of Wight

Our Family Health and Wellbeing

Thank you from our heart’s to Dr Evelien and her magnificent dedicated team who have helped our family to gain a deeper understanding of our health and the tools and knowledge to help maintain balance and wellbeing in our lives. Your health begins in your mouth and we have had all our mercury fillings removed safely with detox back up to remove mercury from our systems. My daughter has not needed to have a brace because of the cranial work by Robert and my wife has been given metal free implants that will ensure a healthier mouth environment. Through having ART which diagnoses deeply what is wrong with you, we now have a long term health plan that is truly holistic and side effect free. What is brilliant about coming to ISHSKO (and we fly from London to Mayo) is its like coming to see 10 practitioners under one roof- all your health needs are catered for and integrated into one ongoing health plan, so you don’t need to go to see anyone else because of Dr Evelien’s incredible depth of knowledge and experience in medical integrated and alternative health. Thank you ISHSKO and see you again soon.

Marek, Nina, Maia - London

Mercury Fillings

I discovered the ISHSKO centre when online researching Mercury/amalgam filling removal - To get this foreign substance removed from my mouth was my primary concern but I was also at a point where I was starting to research all the other aspects of life that I could improve on - and was delighted that the ISHSKO centre not only provided the best bio dentistry in the land but also a great stepping stone of wellness from Lymphatic Drainage massage to Healings , A.R.T and EFT all with great take home practices provided by a wonderfully friendly team of professionals set in a beautiful location that oozes wellness once you step through the door Even though it's 100miles exactly from my door to theirs I look forward to the continued journey with this wonderful group and really could not recommend them highly enough!

Keith - Donegal

Mercury Fillings

With a mouth full of mercury fillings I came to the realisation in 2015 that I wanted them removed safely. My research led me to Ish Sko which I believed was the best place for me to have this work done. I was not disappointed. The staff at Ish Sko advised me how to prepare for their removal in a truly holistic way. By using the recommended EFT and reverse emotional techniques I overcome my fear of the dentist’s chair. Happily I no longer have any mercury in my teeth. More than that by following all the recommended strategies over the past year I have enjoyed a profound improvement in my overall energy and health.

Margaret 2016