What People Say

Emotional Code therapy recommendation

I have recently had several sessions of the Emotional Code therapy with Patricia after experiencing deep rooted pain in the left side of my chest for as long as I can remember, alongside deep feelings that there was 'stuff in the basement' that needed to be addressed and cleared. I am impressed with the non-invasive, simple and subtle approach the Emotional Code provides as a healing therapy as well as it's depth of clearing. Since the treatments there is a lightness in my body, a physical weight seems to have left me and on a mental and emotional level there are aspects of my past hurts that just don't seem to be there anymore. Space at last, I am very pleased!!! Patricia as the facilitator only mirrors these positive comments. I found her patient, direct, accurate, calm and professional. I am happy to recommend Emotional Code therapy with Patricia to everybody.

Christopher Westport Co. Mayo Ireland

Thank you

I want to thank you Michelle & the ISHSKO Centre. You cured me of something I didn’t even admit to having. You asked me if I had any shake in my hands, I denied it, sorry, I hadn’t accepted I had, it had just started a few weeks previous. Now it’s gone, I am so happy, I was really scared. I’ve been singing the praised of the ISHSKO centre since. Thank you so much – I don’t believe anyone else in the country could have helped me!


Brilliant Massage Session

I would like to thank Christopher, massage therapist at the ishsko wellness centre for a brilliant massage session. Since the flu episode that bothered me during Christmas , all that coughing had cause a stiff neck and frozen shoulder. After the session I noticed that my neck and shoulders had freed up completely and with it my tight temper mellowed equally. Brilliant work !

T A. Aghagower