Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Many of our patients come to our centre with re request to have their mercury fillings replaced and /or their root filled teeth removed. In some cases they present a long history of peace meal dentistry where restorations have been placed often only as a fix to a problem at the time and there was no regard for the overall functioning of the dental occlusion as a whole.

Teeth may have been missing for a long time and adjacent and opposite teeth may have drifted away from their correct position. When the “bite” or occlusion becomes unstable the teeth are at risk of fracturing and the malocclusion can cause strain on the functioning of the jaw joint and supporting tissues. A vicious circle of decline is then inevitable. Excessive wear of the teeth, loss of vertical dimension ( space between the chin and the nose) headache or migraine, vertigo and tinnitus, neck and spinal is alignments as well as poor digestion can be all debilitation side effects of a broken down dentition.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a highly individualised treatment. The aim of a full mouth reconstruction plan is not only to optimise the integrity of the teeth but extends to the health of the entire mouth, including the gums, the jaw bone and the bite. In many cases, it is required to restore every tooth in the mouth using a combination of dental techniques like filling, crowns, bridges, inlays, Implants or dentures.

How It Works

In those cases where other health issues extend to the head neck and structural alignment, dental treatment will be augmented with lymphatic massage, cranial sacral therapy and mind/emotional counselling. If the existing restorations contain dental metals patients will need to be supported with an detox nutritional program before, during and after metal filling removal.

Our experienced dental team combines state of the art integrative dental techniques from the first initial discussion to the final placement of the restorations. After an initial consultation patients will be booked for a functional analyses and risk assessment.

During this second appointment the dentist will take full mouth x-rays, study models , and performs an accurate registration of the dimensions between the upper and lower jaw in relation to the functioning of the jaw joint. A full series of intra oral and profile photographs will be taken. Risk factors will be considered and an in depth discussion will allow the patients to express their needs and desires regarding the aesthetic aspects of the smile.

The dentist will take the results of the functional analyses to the dental laboratory and together with the dental technician will create a diagnostic “wax-up” on the study models in the ideal occlusion and aesthetics. From the wax-up it becomes clear what needs to be done to create a stable and aesthetically pleasing occlusion that results in a fully functioning mouth. It is at that point that the cost of the rehabilitation becomes transparent.

The third visit will be arranged to explain the treatment procedures, aesthetics and the appointment schedule. Most full mouth rehabilitation require extensive work over multiple appointments that can extend over 3-12 months Our practice manager will then spend time with the patient to discuss the conditions and guarantees of the work and the financial implications and which payment plans can be used to help spread the cost.

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949022468.