Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is what you and your dentist do to prevent dental disease. This includes regular dental examinations and hygiene sessions, includes instruction of proper home care, including brushing and cleaning between the teeth, use of toothpaste, proper diet. Your continuing care visit may include an oral examination and cancer screening, necessary radiographs and thorough cleaning of the teeth. Sealants, reshaping of deep grooves and gels and rinses may also be part of a preventive program.

In addition to the standard care the dental team will address protection of the teeth during sports activities (athletic mouth guards to prevent sports trauma), and niteguards to prevent wear and breakage of teeth from grinding of the teeth are certainly an important part of preventive care.

The ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE encourages parents to bring their children as soon as their teeth appear and educates the parents and the older children about the importance of good oral health and how to maintain it. For the under 12 year olds the Centre offers parents a “Parent-Child” program. You, the parent, and your child will receive a one-yearly dental examination, oral health instruction and oral hygiene sessions (scale and polish) every 4 months and two educational lectures packed full with scientific information about your baby’s dental development and tips to help prevent tooth decay.

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