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Happy Anniversary to Dr Evelien Van Amerongen

30 years today a Biological Holistic dentist pushing the boundaries of holistic dentistry and founder of the Vision that is ISHSKO. She works tirelessly for the health and wellbeing of her patients and we look forward to the next era of ISHSKO as it grows from...

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Enjoy a stress free Christmas!

PRE CHRISTMAS DE-STRESS  PAMPERING THERAPY PACKAGE OFFER !   Christmas stress can leave people feeling overburdened and tired. Our experienced practitioners are offering a 2 1/2 hr session of pure relaxation therapy, including   Massage, Avalon, Laser light and Vibro-Acoustic therapy. The therapy session is supported with our “I Am Fabulous” essential oil Roller...

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Alternatives to root canal therapy.

There is a growing understanding that there may be a health risk associated with root fillings. We often have  patients contact our wellness centre with regards to solutions or alternatives to a tooth that needs root canal treatment or has been root filled  In order...