Glyphosate and EMF radiation – The new bad boys on the block!

Glyphosate and EMF radiation – The new bad boys on the block!

It is a sad and worrying fact that our bodies are struggling to deal with living in our polluted world. This is reflected in the amount of patients  with chronic degenerative disease who are visiting the Ishsko wellness centre asking for help as conventional medicine has failed to offer relief for their symptoms.

Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead are well known toxins, however there are TWO OTHER  OFFENDERS that we need to take serious, if we want to live healthily beyond the age of 60 and not fall prey to neurological chronic diseases.

We are living in a  environment full of toxins and EMF radiation and research is showing that as a species we are struggling to thrive. Modern living now exposes us to such a multi-interactional environmental pollution that we are affected on a Chemical,  Bioenergetic and Epigenetic level.

In 2018 neurological disease, has surpassed heart disease and cancer. Globally, the burden of neurological disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, epilepsy, Autism etc) and chronic gut disorders (Coeliac disease, IBS, Food intolerances)  are rising at an epidemic rate and it is clear that our environment is the biggest contributor .

This increase over the last two decades shows that environmental factors must play a major part, and not just “aging”. It is clear that all age groups are affected.

Why Focus on Glyphosate and EMF radiation? Glyphosate is in the food and water and EMF radiation create the biggest  threat to our healthy gut biome. 

Glyphosate interferes with fundamental biochemical reactions in our body as well as killing of not only our beneficial gut flora, but the flora in our mouth, skin and brain, . It does this by disruption of the Shikimate pathway.  This biochemical pathway is used only by Bacteria , algea, fungi, parasites and plants to biosynthesise folates, vitamins, fatty acids and aromatic amino acids ,that our body needs to process our food, detoxify the body and facilitate the gene expression.

Exposure to glyphosate has been shown to have the following effects on human physiology:  

acts as an antibiotic (glyphosate was in fact patented as an antibiotic)

chelates important minerals (iron, cobalt, manganese; glyphosate was in fact patented as a mineral chelator)

decimates the microflora and its ability to produce essential amino acids like tryptophan that converts to serotonin

disrupts the micro biome in the intestine, by disrupting the shikimate pathway, causing a decrease in the ratio of beneficial to harmful bacteria

inhibition of cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes (detox)

• displaces Glycine (This amino acid is essential for many different muscle, cognitive and metabolic functions. It helps break down and transport nutrients like glycogen and fat to be used by cells for energy, and in the process, it supports strong immune, digestive and nervous systems).

disrupts sulphate synthesis and sulphate transport (intolerance to garlic,onions etc)

impairs methylation pathways (detox)

interferes with synthesis of aromatic amino acids and methionine, which leads to shortages in neurotransmitters and folate (gene expression)

inhibition of pituitary release of thyroid stimulating hormone

toxic and endocrine disruptors in human cell lines

A higher immune tolerance equals healthy gut flora equals a healthier life

Our healthy gut flora has a symbiotic relationship with our body, and in specific our immune system. We have lost the tolerance to our toxins  and our immune system is up regulated. As health practitioners we have a very small set of tools available to increase immune tolerance in our patients.. It is pertinent  to our wellbeing and ability to heal chronic degenerative disease,  to create the best possible environment to reset our gut flora. 


EMF studies reveal that electromagnetic frequencies can impact gut health by acting on several functions simultaneously. Cultures have shown beneficial bacteria grows more slowly in the presence of electromagnetic fields, allowing pathological organisms to dominate.

The microbes in our body communicate by mirroring each other’s frequencies.  When resonance is matched with existing microbes, they work together to build a good gut bio-community.  When a foreign microbe enters there isn’t an existing frequency for it to match and the resident microbes, including the immune system, identify it and attack it.  If this occurs at a large scale it leads to what the medical community calls sickness and disease.

Your cell phones, WiFi, iPads, cordless mice, baby monitors and smart appliances emit such high electromagnetic frequencies and radiation that it alters the healthy coherent microbe communication.

A gut protected from EMFs is vital to our health!

Our gut is our second brain. There are about 500 million nerve cells, 20 types of neurons, autonomous microcircuits and secretion of enzymes and hormones.  When the gut doesn’t communicate it’s effecting a lot!  EMFs have been shown to disrupt inter-cellular communication so it’s easy to understand that our health would be at risk.  

In our IT communication age, where our children are kept entertained by smart phones and men and women are placing computers and tablets on their laps every day, we do ourselves a disservice if we choose to ignore the risks associated with the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from the technology we have become addicted to. The importance of viewing our life and  health on a the quantum level, where the electromagnetic fields exist, is growing.

To help mitigate the EMF and avoid EMR we can do 3 things:

  1. Remove the sources of EMF (by replacing the cordless phone to a analog phone,  replace the electric alarm clock to a battery operated one, switch off wifi and use the ethernet cable)
  2. Reduce our exposure by limiting our time with EMR-generating devices  and stop using at least 2 hours before bed time.
  3. Protect ourselves by using EMF shielding Phone cases and Laptop/Tablet bags and using shielding garments , scarfs and headwear.

How the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE can help you reset your healthy biome .

Our integrative team will help you to address the body burden of Glyphosate by supporting the body to eliminate this herbicide. This is done by:

  1. Glyphosate hair analyses test ( allow 2 weeks for report to return)
  2. Supporting the natural detox pathways effected by glyphosate with a mineral, vitamin and amino acid supplements as well as toxin binder and spore probiotics.  
  3. Supporting the drainage system of the body with lymphatic drainage therapy
  4. Targeting the chelation of Glyphosate with LED laser detox followed by
  5. The detox suite ( infra red sauna, Avalon Light therapy combined with Vibro acoustic therapy)

If you are concerned about the effect of Glyphosate and EMF radiation and want to act, please give us a ring and schedule a consultation with our nutritionist and A.R.T. practitioner, Michelle O’Donnell.