Yippee! The Sun is out Bare your limbs and take time to top up on Vitamin D

vitamin D testing Mayo, Eire , Ireland

Yippee! The Sun is out Bare your limbs and take time to top up on Vitamin D

It’s Summer and time to top up on Vitamin D!

However In Ireland we do not get adequate Vitamin D from sunshine alone especially in winter when the angle of the sun rays are hitting our skin on too shallow an angle to create the conversion.

Even in summer it is hard to achieve adequate exposure!

With our  fair skin we are well aware of the warnings about the risks of sunburn so we cover ourselves up and what is bared we smother  with sunscreen. It has been shown in research that correct application of a product containing an SPF of 15 almost completely prevents skin production of vitamin D.

Do not shower yourself with soap after a sunbath!!

When we take a sun bath , the Vitamin D is formed in the skin and is absorbed into our bloodstream. This process takes a whopping 48 hours! That is two whole days! If we shower after our sunbath we wash away the majority of this precious hormone!

It is no surprise that 8  out of 10 blood tests we take at the Ishsko Wellness Centre show our  patients are severely deficient and the other two barely make it to the adequate level!

We strongly advise people to get their levels tested every 6 months and have their supplementation levels calculated!

Vit D has its importance not just for healthy bones and teeth but has a vital role in our immune system and cholesterol metabolism.

Vit D is the starter key for our macrophages, to hunt down invaders

So if you suffer gum disease, osteopenia or just can’t shed those recurrent infections, low Vit  D levels  may be a major contributor.

In those dental patients in need of extractions and or dental implants the levels of Vit D need to be above 70ng/ml, otherwise no healthy bone is deposited and the risk of infection is high.

Our nutritionist Michelle O’Donnell conducts the bloodspot test. After the laboratory test results come back she then calculates  the correct supplementation and test for the necessary co-factors to Vit D.

Co factors like Vit A, E, K2 and minerals like magnesium and boron are important to help Vit D do its proper work and manages the calcium transport from the blood into the bones as well as  help the immune system.

Without good levels of Vit D and its co factors we run the risk of pooling calcium in the blood which can lead to hardening of the blood vessels and high blood pressure.

So don’t become a statistic and take a proactive role in your general wellbeing and longevity!

To find out more about our Vitamin D test please visit our dedicated Vitamin D page for more information https://www.ishskowellnesscentre.com/integrative-healthcare/vitamin-d-optimisation