The Ultimate Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxins Detox Program from ISHSKO

The Ultimate Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxins Detox Program from ISHSKO

Our 7-Module Optimum wellness program is the ultimate detoxification program that is designed to help you deal with living in a toxic world.

By enrolling in the 12 month program patients will learn about the most common aspects that can lead to but also positively influence imbalances in the Body-Mind- Spirit system. It helps to implement strategies to prevent illness or in the long term keep degenerative disease at bay.

The most common obstacles to efficient detoxification are:

  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Environmental and Heavy Metal Burden
  • Emotional and Mental stress
  • Geopathic Stress and Electro-Magnetic pollution
  • Scars
  • Jaw dysfunction and mal-occlusion
  • Nutritional deficiencies and epigenetic modification that impairs the gene expression.

The 12 month’s program consists of A.R.T. assessments on each level of detoxification, health coaching with the detox protocol manager, remedies and nutritional supplements, PDF downloadable information, links and videos, exercises and recommendations about alternatives to toxic household products.

The face-to- face or skype, health coaching sessions are scheduled with our protocol manager. He/She is your motivator and trouble shooter during the detox process and will be the contact person between the you and the practitioners, so questions and recommendation can be directed efficiently from the appropriate modality to the patient.

The program is divided in 7 modules:

  1.  Stop contamination
  2.  Supporting the autonomic nervous system and preparing the organs of elimination (colon, kidney and liver, skin)
  3.  Emotional and Mental detox
  4. Referral to a biological dentist  of your choice for the  removal mercury fillings, other dental metals, failing root canal fillings and balancing of the occlusion
  5.  Cleaning up the extra cellular environment
  6.  Cleaning up the cell wall and intra cellular environment
  7.  Repair phase

    For further information visit our dedicated web page  7 module Detox Program, Ireland