Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing - Testing for Compatibility

At the ISH SKO WELLNESS Centre we define the word allergy liberally. There are 4 reactions that are included in our definition and guide the testing. We look at the following responses:

The immune system is reacting and there is a true antigen-antibody related allergic phenomena (IgE, IgG etc ). A blood test is usually done to confirm the allergy.

There is an allergic reaction but it is not a true allergy to a particular food substance, but the body does not tolerate the biochemical consequences caused by the intake of the food substance. (Sugar is often in this category as it blocks the uptake of crucial nutrients).

The body reacts to a substance and stresses the autonomous nervous system. Sweating or palpitations or light-headedness are often seen.

Some people have strong emotional stress reactions to food substances (Fear, Phobia).

When testing for allergies, everything that enters a client’s mouth or is in contact with his/her body should be checked. This includes all foods, drinks, vitamins, medication and dental materials. It also includes clothing, personal care products, including toothpaste. We also consider airborne allergens and clients need to be aware of houseplants, smoke, paints etc.

When testing for foods, experience shows that people usually have one –or two or three at the most- major food allergies. Finding 10 or 20 different major food allergies in a patient is not only misleading, but also almost impossible for a patient to comply with. Clinical experience has shown that reactions to more than 6 major groups shows that the body has an underlying priority stress that needs to be dealt with first.


The seven Factors are: Food allergies, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Solvents and Chemicals, Interference Fields (scars, tonsils, teeth, Jaw misalignment and dysfunction, emotional reversal and geopathic stress)

The therapist will test the body initially for general health using Autonomic Response Testing. This gives valuable information about the body’s ground system, which holds the autonomic neurological system (ANS). The ANS can be open or to varying degrees dysfunctional.

Autonomic Response Testing stresses the body with different modalities by:

Placing substances in the field

Psychological counselling

Structurally (percussion, pushing on a tender area, stretching a joint e.g.)

Bio chemically (giving a medication orally)

The body’s response to the stressor are subsequently assessed and interpreted.

The therapist will then test for the therapeutic modalities. Whatever neutralizes the stress response is an agent or a method that will help the body cope with the underlying cause of the stress. This could be by eliminating the stressor or allergen, subscribing detoxification agents, emotional work, colour therapy or tapping acu-points on the body, depending on what has come up causing the priority underlying problem.

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