Autonomic Response Testing

Waking up the inner Doctor

Although symptoms of disease may appear similar, the pathway to the disease is different for each individual.

Autonomic Response testing is so effective because it tests and treats on the ground level of our being, it communicates and receives and acts on biofeedback through out the entirety of our being. As a result the testing is accurate and repeatable, and highlights the priorities of the issues to address to regain health.

Health issues helped by A.R.T. therapy:


Chronic Pain

Chronic Infections

Brain Fog





Digestive Issues

Skin Issues

What Is Autonomic Response Testing (ART)?

ART was developed to detect and correct problems of the automatic nervous system (ANS).

The ANS regulates and controls our:


Heart Rate

Immune Function

Sleep Patterns

Hormone Regulation

Blood Pressure

Blood Sugar Levels

Tissue Regeneration

Kidney Detoxification

Liver Detoxification

Dr. Klinghardt who developed ART believes that many practitioners who use kinesiology or muscle testing are often getting inaccurate information because the ANS is not functioning properly.He calls this condition “blocked regulation” and feels that the inability of the ANS to self-regulate is caused by the following factors:

Undiagnosed food allergies

Heavy metal toxicity

Petroleum chemical toxicity

Chronic unresolved infections or scars

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

Unresolved psychological stress

Electromagnetic stress

Why did Dr. Klinghardt Develop Autonomic Response Testing?

During the 1980s, Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, a German-trained integrative medicine physician developed two non-invasive energy medicine techniques: Applied Psycho Neurobiology (APN) and Autonomic Response Training (ART).

Dr. Klinghardt believes that many answers are found in the two worlds that exist: this world and the invisible energetic world. He has developed a way of communicating with both these worlds in order to heal the mental body and the intuitive body. These special healing techniques effectively uncover unresolved psycho-emotional blockages that are the underlying traumas and conflicts in chronic symptoms. Dr. Klinghardt has developed special tests to help correct the imbalances caused by the blocked regulation of the ANS.

Our body functions on many levels at the same time. Our physical, electrical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual body’s interact continuously. In order to address the imbalance on the correct level, the appropriate therapeutic modality needs to be used.

In order to explain how the A.R.T. therapy works i like to use two analogies;

First we can compare our body to a high-rise tower block, each floor representing a level of our body. In order to get to the different floors of the tower block, one has to enter the building and start at the ground floor, clear the pathway to the elevator in order to get to the next floor.

Secondly we can compare our body to a fish tank, the water represents our matrix of extra cellular fluid, the fish represent our organs and cells. In order to create healthy cells and organs, we first have to make sure that the environment in which our cells live is healthy, unpolluted and full of oxygen. We can not expect to have healthy thriving fish is they have to swim in murky water. There is therefore a step by step process of cleaning represented by the different A.R.T sessions

Opening the ANS regulation on each level has important health benefits, but in order to create a long lasting “open regulation of the ANS on all levels, it may take several session. ART therapy is never a quick fix and can only be successful if the patients partakes actively in the therapy and is willing to take on board the suggestions and healthy lifestyle changes necessary.

A typical therapy session may reveal that a patient has abdominal pain and bloating, related to can allergic reaction to wheat and gluten, has heavy metal intolerance from mercury fillings in their teeth and an painful itchy scar from an appendix surgery, which all deregulate the ANS.

The primary treatment would include scar therapy using neural therapy, wheatgerm oil massage and cold laser), dietary advise to avoid wheat and gluten grains, and a referral to a biological dentist to replace the mercury fillings with biocompatible restorations.

A.R.T. is an effective therapy for most chronic and acute illnesses and often succeed where other conventional and alternative therapies have failed. A.R.T. therapy does not cure any particular disease, but helps strengthen the inner healing capacity of the body.

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