Belief Code

Our belief systems form the basis of our lives, as Bruce Lipton says “Change your beliefs change your life”. This is exactly what the Belief Code was created for by Dr. B. Nelson and Team.

Belief systems can be made up of the following just like a tree:-

  • Negative beliefs – leaves and branches
  • Limiting beliefs – trunk of tree
  • Faulty code belief – roots of the tree
  • Faulty core identity – the soil the tree grow up in
  • Trapped emotions and more

By using muscle testing you can ask the subconscious mind yes or no questions to find out what maybe holding you back from being in line with your true self and achieving happiness.

Delighted to announce that sessions are now available at the Ishsko Wellness Centre, practitioner Patricia Mannion, to book a session contact Ishsko Wellness on 094 953 2000 or Patricia directly on 086 0770725.