Body Code

The Body Code was developed by holistic chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson. Since the late 90’s Dr. Nelson has developed The Emotional Code and later The Body Code. The Body Code was launched in 2012 and today there are thousands of practitioners around the world. The Emotional Code and the Body Code are not used to treat disease; instead, they are intended to reduce what we believe to be underlying imbalances.

The Body Code looks at 6 categories to locate imbalances with in the body.


This covers: trapped emotions, psychic trauma (where 2 emotions are felt at the same time) physical trauma energy (from a fall, accident etc), allergy intolerance, addictive heart energy (when we are desperate to feel joy) offensive energies, inherited emotions and mental (can be a despair anchor that is repeating in our subconscious mind ie. I am stupid/I am silly/I am no
good/ It’s not fair/nobody loves me etc., These are programmes that are running in the background and prevent us from enjoying our life and coming
up against the same problem again and again). It can be an image that is still present in our subconscious.


This category deals with the energy systems of the body including: chakras, meridians & the circuits of organs and glands.


These can dental toxicity, heavy metals, EM spectrum, microbial or chemicals.


We can clear imbalances such as trapped emotions that contributing to a
misalignment of the body such as a bone, muscle, organ or gland.


This category covers magnetic energy deficiency, lack of restful sleep,
dehydration, colour deficiency, malnutrition, outside needs (suggestions of
different therapies that may help ie yoga, massage etc.) as well as nutrition
and supplements.


Very Happy With The Sessions

After experiencing profound shifts with the Emotional code sessions I had with Patricia last year I was very keen to progress with the Body code sessions as the next stage in my personal journey. With the focus on releasing a strong discomfort in my chest, a sense of feeling ungrounded and spaced out from day to day, alongside a deep underlying sense of not wanting to be in the world the sessions began. As each one unfolded I immediately felt all sorts shifting, often during the sessions themselves as well as the processing continuing for days after. Some aspects I would be aware of yet most I wasn't, I simply trusted the process and Patricia's guidance, the rest just happened. This is what I like about the body code, the facilitator and the toolkit 'do the work' so to speak, leaving my mind and it's incorrect judgements and perceptions out of the loop. I experienced shifts on all levels despite the body code targeting the releasing blocks in the physical body. It seems all aspects of our being are connected and ultimately work together as one unit. It feel like working through the layers until the core of the block is found and dispersed. Sat here typing these words of reflection I feel much more grounded and thus able to carry out day to day tasks effectively and easily. The new year has begun and I feel motivated to live a good life. The discomfort in my chest is so much lighter, more and more periods of no discomfort at all combined with moments of this area releasing further what it needs to. I am very happy with the sessions carried out, am grateful for Patricia and the Body code process and recommend it often to people around me.


Benefited me greatly

I attended for Body Code with an open mind but to be honest a bit skeptical but even after the fist session I knew something was happening. I could feel a difference in how I felt. I had two more sessions and I found the results unbelievable. I have had a fear of dogs/animals all my life which I now know I was holding in my body which resulted in pain in my shoulder and knee,  mind you other things I was holding onto also came up and with the Body Code I got great relief from the pain and felt lighter in myself. I held a puppy dog recently that I know for sure would not have happened had I not had the treatment of the body code. I don’t know how it’s done but I felt it benefited me greatly and would recommend it.

  • Emotion Code Introductory Session

  • 50 Duration: 45 minutes
  • Emotion Code Session

  • 60 Duration: 1 hour

How a Session Works

Sessions can be carried out by proxy over the phone/What’s App, by email or in person. I connect with the client’s subconscious and using muscle testing and asking simple questions and working with the Body Code imbalances are identified and released.

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949532000.