Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapy

1. Family Constellations expose the hidden dynamics within families that are behind the traumas and misfortunes we experience in our lives. The innocence of a child wants only to love its family and the child often sacrifices its own best interests in the blind belief that this suffering will ensure its ‘belonging’ to the family.

2. According to the groundbreaking family systems work of Bert Hellinger, each of us lives within an invisible familial force field. The forces in this field are determined by how well we have cared for our most significant familial relationships, and how our ancestors have cared for theirs. The Ish Sko Centre offers Family constellation work, that explores the legacies left in our particular field, and reveals how these relationships can be either life- and health-enhancing, or illness- and trauma-producing.

Hellinger’s profound Family Constellation work and Klinghardt’s applied psycho-neurobiology are the foundations of this work. By participating in and witnessing the constellation process, and through lectures and discussions, journal writing, singing, and more, we carefully explore these family dynamics and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

How Do Family Constellations Work?

Family Constellations usually take place in groups or on occasions a 1-2-1 basis. After a brief interview with the facilitator, an individual with a concern chooses representatives for members of his/her family from the circle of participants. S/he positions them in a way that seems right and sits down to watch.

In a short time the representatives begin to experience physical sensations, emotions or urges belonging not to themselves, but to the family members they represent. It is as though they have become antennae, receiving information from a “family soul” mysteriously present in the room. Facilitators refer to this as the “knowing field.”

Through observations, questions, trial statements and movements, the facilitator and client come to see the issue in a new way. A resolution may emerge that enables the client to break his/her connection with difficulties in the family’s past. Constellations last from 10 or 15 minutes to over an hour. As hidden dynamics become clear and movements of reconciliation and peace arise, the genuine love and strength in a family can begin to flow in a healthy way. Families who have participated in constellations speak of them as beautiful and life changing.

  • One to One

  • 125 Duration: 2 hours
  • One to One

  • 185 Duration: 3 hours
  • Group Constellation

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