Healthy Mouth Healthy You

Healthy Mouth Healthy You

Your health starts with your mouth, a healthy smile gives us confidence of course, but it is also the start of your digestive system.

Each tooth is intricately connected to our autonomic nervous system by a sympathetic nerve fibre that communicates with our brain and organs. It acts as a Fuse between the muscles/ organs (Battery ) and facia (capacitor)

Emotions can be trapped in our teeth too, so often a release of stuck emotions is experienced by treating the teeth. The dentist can assess the health of the teeth and the pressure upon the associated organs.

tooth organ chart
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The ISHSKO WELLNESS Centre works independently from the ISHSKO DENTAL CENTRE Ltd, located in Castlebar, Mayo and supports the needs of the patients who contemplate replacement and / or removal of toxic root canal treated teeth.

If you are concerned about the possible health risks associated with mercury fillings or root canal treated teeth, we can arrange a referral to a biological dentist of your choice. 

Principals of treatment at ISHSKO Wellness Centre

The Human Being is a complex micro cosmos and communicates on several levels simultaneously :Chemical, Structural, Electrical, Emotional and Spiritual. Each level can influence the other.

Never treat when you can prevent or heal instead.

When you must treat, provide technical excellence using minimally invasive methods.

Employ safeguards to protect against exposure to known toxins like mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminium.

Use treatments that stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal.

The impact of Dental health is often a forgotten contributor to ill health.

Teeth are energetically connected to the rest of the body, assessing the health a tooth from an autonomic response perspective can have great insights to the functioning of the rest of the body and general wellbeing. If teeth are causing interference of the autonomic nervous system  or energetic body a referral to a biological dentist is necessary.

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