Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

A specialised series of detoxification techniques to increase lymphatic flow & optimise wellbeing.

The Lymphatic System

Moving stagnant lymph flow is a vital key to rejuvenation and an essential component of the immune system. Once the lymph flow is clear the body’s natural healing ability to address illness is significantly enhanced.

Everybody who breathes in toxins has stuck systems. Inhalants, dust, aluminium, mercury, lead and other toxins carried in the air we breathe have their first contact in the nose. They get absorbed into the lymphatic system and plug-up the route down from the brain. The brain detoxifies through lymphatic channels and down the cranial nerves. By clearing the lymphatic ducts a more constant stream of toxins is removed from the brain and the oral tissues into the elimination organs. Our lymphatic system can be compared to a motorway where overloaded traffic jams form and nothing moves. The same thing can happen in our body.

The lymphatic system is a circulatory system that affects every organ and cell. It is the body’s primary waste transportation system containing over 600 collection sites called the lymph nodes. When this system is chronically under stress it can fail to function properly and the lymph nodes become blocked and painful to touch. The lymph starts backing up in the system creating a toxic environment that is poorly oxygenated and conducive to degeneration and disorder.The clear lymph fluid becomes sluggish or even stagnant, changing from a watery solution to a semi-solid, gel like substance. This thickened lymph overloaded with toxic waste creates the environment for the onset of numerous illnesses including brain fog, neuralgia and cancer.

``Our lymphatic system is the transportation motorway for our defence system``

Physical Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is very restful, gently opening and stretching the initial lymphatic vessels just under the skin t o facilitate the flow of the lymph and reducing the swelling. The patient lies comfortably on a massage couch whilst the therapist very slowly uses light pressure from the fingers and hands to work rhythmically against the flow of the lymph along the jaw line, neck muscles and clavicle (collarbone) and then with the flow of the lymph.The pattern of strokes is very small and precise, each area being worked on thoroughly before moving onto the next.

Green Laser Therapy

The green emerald laser penetrates the massaged tissues and brings balance to the autonomic nervous system – sympathetic (fright and flight) and parasympathetic (nutritional uptake, drainage and repair) systems. The laser i s programmed with additional information and acts as a carrier for the vibrational essences that have been developed and selected with lymphatic support in mind. A slight tingling or heat can be perceived during the lymphatic swiping movement of the laser and a pain relieving effect experienced.

For More Information

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  • Comprehensive Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Session

  • 145
  • Standard Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Session

  • 120
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