Homeo-energetic Laser Therapy

The ISHSKO CENTRE uses homeo-energetic remedies and essences as part of the Autonomic Response Therapy to formulate the Homeo- Energetic Laser therapy program.

Homeo-energetic Laser Therapy

Cold Lasers emit a coherent field of bio-photons and by shining the laser beam though a vial containing homeopathic information (toxins, minerals, vitamins, hormones etc) the light becomes intelligent and communicates with our cells This allows the body to cleans a toxin out of the body, balance vitamin, mineral and hormonal imbalances within 25 hours, by cleaning and balancing the internal environment.

Cold Laser Detox is a neurotoxin release protocol, This full body approach protocol encompasses balancing emotions/subconscious mind, reducing toxins at the source, alkalizing the body, resetting central nervous system and thyroid function, removing heavy metals/chemical toxicity (physical self), balancing viral/bacterial/fungal components, and stopping the oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals.

In order to do an homeo-energetic- Laser therapy, one would first come in for a bio resonance Autonomic Response Test (energetic evaluation). This will energetically identify the heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and various other toxins in your body. Nutrient deficiencies and Hormonal imbalances can be assessed as well. The therapist will choose the individualised detoxification support and balancing remedies, areas of toxic focus (where the toxins have accumulated), and other issues related to the toxins. (Fee 180 euro)

This therapy is an non -invasive therapy which gives profound detox results 25 hours after the session and is done in several phases:

  1. Balancing sympathetic/para-sympathetic ganglion in the body with the green laser (head/neck/mid thoracic/lower abdomen)
  2. Stimulating the lymphatic system with the green laser
  3. Balancing the emotional aspect of the organs affected by the toxins. Specific essences are used that resonate with the emotional complex of the person by swiping the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and the ears.
  4. Layering the tested toxins ( 2 toxins per session)
  5. Lasering the frequencies of the organs with the blueprint essences. These essences remind the body of the correct original energetic frequencies of the organ itself.

Laser Energetic Detoxification (L.E. D) has to be experienced to be fully understood and to feel the amazing results. For a whole body approach we advise this therapy to be combined with our Far Infra red Sauna therapy to aid the circulation and excretion of the toxins.

Homeo-Energetic laser sessions take on average 1 hour.(120.00), in chronic conditions 5-6 sessions are required.

To avoid strong healing crisis while the toxins are eliminated from the body the sessions are supported with toxin binding remedies The ISHSKO Centre advises Zeobind for the heavy metals, Drinking Clay, Activated charcoal for binding mould toxins and Bodybio electrolyte solutions to replenish vital minerals) laser kits are available for follow up home sessions.

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