Infra-Red Sauna Therapy

An integrated detox therapy directly targeting the reduction & removal of toxic chemicals stored in the body’s fat cells.

Infra-Red Sauna Therapy

Hundreds of years ago people discovered heat therapy as a source of natural healing for many illnesses and discomforts as well as stress relief. Today new research shows that the reduction and removal of body toxins through the sweating process induced by infrared heat is becoming yet another highly regarded benefit of the sauna.

Our Infra-Red Sauna Therapy is a safe and  efficient way of eliminating stored toxins in the fat cells. The body cleverly binds up these toxic chemicals in the fat to preserve other organs. Such toxins are detrimental to the natural functioning of the body and the body which will not release fat stores until the toxins are removed. The removal of such toxins is therefore also essential for the loss of excessive body fat.

Scientific studies have shown that a thirty minute session in an Infra-Red sauna can result in the loss of toxins and removes stored fats by up to six times the level a traditional sauna or exercise routine alone can achieve.

People who have tried many weight loss diets with little or no results will have been hindered because of chemical toxicities stored in the body fat. New awareness of this alongside use of an Infra-Red Sauna can make all the difference towards successful weight loss.

ISHSKO Infra-Red Sauna Therapy Sessions

Our Infra-Red Sauna Therapy sessions are focussed & integrated to directly target the reduction & removal of toxic chemicals stored in the body. On arrival you will be guided through the session to ensure all essential aspects of effective detoxification are in place, including the relaxation of body & mind.

Sessions last 1hr 30mins & include:

Pre-detox Assessment (20mins)

Medical history assessment & recording of vital signs: blood pressure, pulse & blood oxygenation.

Electrolite & Vitamin Detox Smoothie

Freshly made for you to take into the sauna. The smoothie opens the cells ready for detoxification & replenishes minerals.

Infra-Red Sauna (40mins)

A selection of healing music is available to play in the sauna or simply meditate in silence.

Vibro Acoustic Therapy (20mins)

A ‘continued perspiration procedure’ follows the sauna session. Whilst laying on the Vibro Acoustic back plate wrapped in a robe & towel, the low frequency vibrations & brainwave tuned sounds travel through the body to further detoxification.

If you have any metal pins, artificial joints, implants or are on any medication please check with your Doctor before scheduling a session.

Main Health Benefits

Helps purify fat cells & control weight.

Unto a 600 calorie burn per session.

Detoxifies heavy metals, hydrocarbon residues, alcohol, nicotine, sodium, dioxins, chloride, parabens, chloride & cholesterol.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Effectively treats sprains, muscle spasms & joint stiffness.

Relieves aches & pains.

Improves & clears cellulite.

Improves skin tone & complexion.

Helps heal scars & burns, acne, psoriasis & eczema.

Sharpens the senses, relieves stress & fatigue.

Stimulates brain endorphins & ‘feel good’ hormones.

Improves the immune system, kills bacteria & parasite organisms.

Increases overall health & resistance to disease.

  • 1 Session

  • 95 Duration: 2.5 hours
  • 4 Sessions

  • 340 Duration: 2.5 hours (per day)
  • 8 Sessions

  • 600 Duration: 2.5 hours (per day)

To maximise the detoxification benefits of Infra-Red Sauna Therapy we recommend 1-2 sessions per week. It can take several sessions for the body to build up enough perspiration for effective detoxification. The 4 & 8 week session packages have been put together with this in mind.

For More Information

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