Massage & Healing Therapies


Massage & Healing Therapies

Deep Tissue Message

As we move through life it is our physical bodies that seem to stand and bear everything that comes it’s way. As well as physical ‘wear and tear’ the body can also be a likened to a store house for pent up thoughts and emotions. If they are not addressed ‘dis-ease’ can occur. By massaging deeply into the muscles; tension, strains, discomforts, old injuries, scar tissue, emotional blocks, mental limitations and so forth can be released allowing us to once again re-connect with our original sense of wellbeing and freedom. Deep Tissue massage is a deeply relaxing, intuitive and effective way of raising energy flow in the body. Sessions are very beneficial for wellbeing in an overall sense or can be approached with a specific set of goals in mind.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Moving stagnant lymph flow is a vital key to rejuvenation & an essential component of the immune system. Once the lymph flow is clear the body’s natural healing ability to address illness is significantly enhanced. The ISHSKO Wellness Centre uses a unique & reliable therapy technique. It incorporates physical massage, green laser therapy with supportive vibrational essences & Avalon light therapy. Instruction on a home massage technique to continue clearing trapped toxins from the lymphatic system is given after the session and a follow-up call 2 days later.

Intuitive Massage

All modes of healing simply assist the body and mind in returning to their natural state of balance which is in alignment to Soul and it’s Source. Sessions are deeply relaxing, intuitive and can combine energy healing with hands on physical massage to effectively address areas of discomfort and imbalance. Open-ness and trust between patient and practitioner allows energy to become the guiding influence in what needs to be healed rather than a session led by what one ‘thinks’ needs to be done. This often allows for deep transformational change. All sessions are held in a warm and comfortable space conducive to healing. On closing there will be time to reflect and share any experience that may have arisen if one would like to.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • 120 Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Intuitive Massage

  • 120 Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

  • 120 Duration: 1.5 hours

About Christopher Pogioli

(Massage & Healing Therapist)

Christopher has been dedicated to his own health, well being & inner growth for the past 20 years. The pressures and stresses of working as a chef caused him to exit the catering industry with chronic fatigue. He was given no choice but to go inwardly and uproot the blocks causing the illness. On reflection it seems that this was only the beginning of a journey. Feeling well again inspired him to move into the field of health, wellbeing and inner growth to assist people wherever he could.

Returning to learning he studied and qualified with the Premier Deep Tissue Massage and Personal Training Awards, Reiki Healing certificates 1 & 2 and a Goal Mapping practitionership with LIFT International.

A few years later Christopher responded to an inner pull and took time out to experience community life and visit ashrams in Bali, Portugal, India and England. During this time he experienced that the massage and healing treatments he was giving were flowing more naturally and felt intuitively guided, effectively addressing one’s discomforts.

Christopher now offers Intuitive Massage & Healing, Deep Tissue Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy sessions to assist body and mind in returning to natural balance and alignment.

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