Mental Field Therapy

Tapping unlock the pathway to resolve hidden harmful beliefs

About Mental Field Therapy

Mental Field Therapy (MFT) is one of the emerging energy psychology healing methods that connect an understanding of energetic (acupuncture) meridians with psychological issues. Tapping specific acupuncture points facilitates effective and rapid resolution of physical, energetic and emotional issues.

MFT is a combination of the works of Scott Walker DC’s NET, Gary Craig’s EFT, acupuncture and other emotional release techniques.

In MFT, psychological traumas that are preventing a patient’s physical health are explored and gently released through a series of specific tapping points and healing statements made by the patient. It is an elegant and effective means of helping people clear emotional issues.

The sequence of 9 points when tapped, influences all of the 14 major meridian lines in the body. It is an easy way to help the body deal with stressful situations, like exposure to allergens or emotional stress. It also helps with the uptake of nutrients and general clearing of the energy field of the body.

The points are tapped using both hands and all 10 fingers as there are important meridians on the tips of the fingers. The points are tapped 9 times in a gentle ‘waltz’ rhythm. Tapping should be solid, not too soft or too hard.

Gentle humming whilst tapping the points is also beneficial for the healing effect. This is because the Vagus Nerve is responsible for the stress responses in our body and runs in close proximity to the vocal cords.

To maximise effectiveness 7 factors need to be adhered to:

Focus intently on troubling sensations, emotions or memories while tapping.

Use all 10 fingertips for tapping.

Keep wrist relaxed and flexible.

Tap strongly and in a rhythm of the heartbeat or waltz (about one tap per second).

Tap every point nine times.

Look in a mirror and make eye contact with yourself or have somebody listen to you as a witness to your healing.

Take a deep breath after each round of tapping, notice any sensations in your body; feelings, emotions and memories. Focus on them whilst tapping.

Hum and repeat affirmations whilst tapping: “Even though I… `{`Say the negative/troubling things you are currently experiencing`}`, I fully and completely accept myself and love myself the way I am.” Repeat all affirmations while tapping the initial four points and only negative issues when tapping the rest.

To deepen an experience move your eyes side to side or put on glasses of a specific color.

MFT points and their acupuncture points and meridians

ACrown line – Governor 19-21 points
BEyebrow – Bladder 1-2 and extra points
CTemple – Gallbladder
DNuchal line – between Gallbladder 20 and Bladder 10 and many extra points
EStomach line – Stomach 1, 2 and Small intestine 18
FUpper jaw line – Governor 26 and upper jaw dental acupuncture points
GLower jaw line – Conception Vessel 24 and lower jaw dental points
HUnder the arm pits (chicken wings) – Spleen 21
IThymus (Breast bone line) – Kidney 27, 26 and Thymus

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