Mukhwas Digestive Aid

Mukhwas Digestive Aid

‘Making the Brain-Gut connection in preparation for proper enzyme and bile secretion in essential for the effective digestion and absorbtion of nutrients in the foods we eat.’

Chewing a handful of blended coriander, fennel, liquorice, peppermint, cardamom, ginger and cumin after a meal is still a common practice in India. This is why we will often find a bowl of fennel seeds awaiting us at the door as we exit our favourite Indian restaurant.

Most of us have developed bad eating habits by eating too quickly and rushing our meals on the go. Liquid meals are becoming more popular than ever with adverse consequences for our tooth enamel, digestive enzyme production and bowel transit. Chewing our foods is essential for optimum health.

Chewing slowly with connection to what we are eating prepares our brain to release the appropriate digestive enzymes. By chewing the seeds we reconnect the brain-stomach connection. Half a tea spoon of Mukhwas Digestive Aid before or after meals teaches us to chew slowly and prepares the body to
digest foods so we can absorb the released nutrients fully.

Benefits of Mukhwas Digestive Aid

Increases bile flow, meaning no need for bile salts.

Increases pancreatic enzyme activity meaning no need for digestive enzymes.

Increases small intestine enzyme activity meaning no need for digestive enzyme supplements.

Decreases gas and bloating meaning no need for HCL supplements.

Increases fat and sugar metabolism.

Powerful free radial scavengers.

Supports optimal weight.

Supports micro-biom health in gut.

Improves gut health.

Stimulates digestion.

Quickens the transit time of food in the intestines supporting better bowel movement.

Supports a healthy growth rate of good bacteria.

Decreases H. pylori from adhering to the stomach.

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