Photon-wave Light Therapy

About Photon Wave Light Therapy

Photon Wave® Colour-Light StimulationTherapy has been developed on the vast experience of researchers in medicine, behavioural optometry, kinesiology, psychology and osteopathy. Their contribution has made it possible to combine different methods in order to obtain an optimal effect for the patient.

Light-Colour stimulation can greatly affect physical and psychological well-being and is commonly used. The most well known application is the S.A.D. box, a full spectrum daylight lamp used in the treatment of seasonal affected disorders. The power of the electromagnetic spectrum has also been rediscovered by the medical field, especially the part that we perceive as visible light which is absolutely necessary for normal brain functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the connection between the influence of LIGHT and the proper functioning of the autonomic nervous system?

It is based on the theory that light stimulation of the optic nerve sends ‘photocurrent’ not only to the visual cortex but also to other brain centres, including the hypothalamus, the brains’ master controller. The hypothalamus governs the autonomic nervous system, the pineal gland, the limbic system, etc.

What is the origin of ‘lack of light’?

Generally mal-illumination through too little sunlight and/or too much artificial lighting are the causes of ‘lack of light’. More specifically stress, trauma, brain injury, MBI, whiplash are all causes that lead to a constricted optic nerve and as a result light input is restricted. The electrical impulses are insufficient, we could say the person suffers from ‘mal-illumination’. This restriction can be measured with a visual field tester.

Clinical application of PhotonWave Color-Light stimulation has proven to be remarkably successful in such cases as: Immune dysfunctions , Skin Diseases, Toxicity (heavy metals), Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, ADHD, Depression, Dyslexia, Trauma and Eye Diseases.

At the ISHSKO CENTRE patients are tested for visual field abnormalities and specific colour frequency deficiencies. A series of light programs are then designed. The patient sits in front of the Photon wave light box for the duration of 12-30 minutes per session. On average 8-15 sessions are required to increase the visual field. The chromatic light frequencies penetrate the optical nerve and carries the bio-photons deep into the brain. The bio-photon receptors are activated and neuro-chemicals released in view of normalising the visual field and the associated symptoms. There are also as many as 44 standardised light therapy programs available ranging from heavy metal detox, migraine, allergen desensitisation, lower and upper back ache, prostate health, digestive discomfort to name a few.

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