How to keep your New Year Resolutions on track with Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

How to keep your New Year Resolutions on track with Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

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Changing for GOOD, how your NEW YEAR resolutions can become long lasting habits with Emotional Freedom Technique.

Resolutions are about change and change is challenging when the subconscious mind is resistant. By the 3rd week of January over 25% of people that started the New Year with a resolution have already broken it. For our resolutions to work and become part of our daily routine we need to look at what we are feeling in the current moment and look at the believe systems we hold that may block it from manifesting. because what we believe is what we manifest

What we believe is what we manifest

Did you know that most of our believe systems are formed at the early age  of 1 to 7 , when the brain is predominantly in a  “Beta “mode in which we have no filter to say :”no this is not what I believe! .”.  (Worth looking up Dr.Bruce Lipton on YouTube on beliefs).

eft castlebar mayo ireland Many of our core beliefs are running in the back ground just like a computer, and most of the time we are not aware of them,  as they are hidden in our  subconscious mind. If that believe is “I’m not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, wealthy enough etc, no matter how much positive thinking and positive affirmations you say, it is not going to change the beliefs in your sub-conscious mind.

So how do we change to ensure our desired new resolution can be achieved?

At the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE Patricia Mannion offers EFT therapy, short for Emotional Freedom Technique here in Castlebar Mayo. She teaches our patients how to release old behavioural patterns , negative emotional and physical issues,  by tapping certain Acu- points on the face and  body. The patient is shown how to  create a specific phrase, containing words to describe, what is true for them in the current moment,  on an emotional  and sensory level (the old programming). This could be for example: When I get stressed about my work load and feel insecure and not good enough, I feel guilty by stuffing myself with chocolate.

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While tapping on an issue, both the negative energy that is linked to the emotion, and the sensation in the body is released.  After the release the patient is guided to formulate the words representing the new belief – desired outcome from the position of Self Love. The shift in emotion and sensation is measured between a scale of  -10 to +10. The patient is encouraged to go deeper into the issue and tap until the scale is above the +5.

Here is her personal example:

In National school I failed a lot of spelling tests and from that, my belief was that I was stupid.  Every time I sat an exam I was right back at national school being a failure.  If I had to write and give it to someone to read both my spelling and writing deteriorated.  I felt very uneasy if someone asked me to write an article, I would just go blank and find and excuse to get out of doing it.

When I saw and became aware of what I was doing and used the EFT on it. I felt much clearer in my head and I stopped calling myself stupid and with this shift I had compassion for my younger self.

At an early age I was very shortsighted and very shy.  I could not see the blackboard nor could I read my book without bringing it to a few inches in front of my face which I refused to do or else I would be called 4 eyes and laughed at. After tapping through this issue I could see that the old belief system was no longer relevant .. I was not stupid, rather I just could not see the words on the school board at that age.  I can now laugh at it and my Inner- rapport has changed.

We invite you for 2018 to incorporate EFT into Your life. By learning to tap-in the hopes and possibilities, the resolutions and new excitement, you’ll be laying the best foundation for their realisation.

To become aware of your self talk is a really important step towards positive change.   If we would just listen to our inner voice a bit more carefully, we would notice the outrages way we address ourselves. We would not treat our friends in that way, as we are raised with a level of respect towards others. Yet we tend use abusive undermining language to ourselves all the time.  We drop something we grunt…” Oh I’m so stupid”, we trip or fall, we miss the bus, we get something wrong, we forget someone’s birthday, we are late, we sleep in, I could go on and on, most of the time we beat ourselves up about these situations.

Becoming impartially aware of our mental chatter helps us also in our self-talk about relationships, health, financials and our career.  If you were brought up in a household that struggled financially and had to work really hard to earn money, then you may believe that to earn money you also need to work very hard and struggle would be the norm.  If this is your belief, then it is true for you and that is exactly what you will have to do.  EFT can offer great insights into how these belief systems are held by the mind and affecting the body .

From a bio-chemical perspective we know that negative emotions highjack the self regulatory aspect of our autonomic nervous system., pushing a Flight-and Fright response into a dominant expression. The nerves produce addictive chemicals that negatively influence your organs which are associated with the emotions. Each organ represents a realm of emotions, for example the kidneys represent the realm of fear, the liver the realm of anger and our spleen the realm of “I am good enough”.

By using the EFT tapping sequence and reviewing the EFT scale to rate the experience in terms of distress and how it shifts in to a positive, Patricia helps our patients remove deep seated negative programming. When the mind-emotion-organ link is severed, the body will self regulate and the patient will experience a new sense of wellbeing.

To Find out more and book a visit to see Patricia please take a look at Emotional Freedom Technique Castlebar Mayo