Valentines day is approaching and Romance is in the air! How is your Libido?

Valentines day is approaching and Romance is in the air! How is your Libido?

libido health irelandHowever, the powerful chemistry of Love is definitely waning, due to an overload of stress, environmental toxins , lack of connection with nature and too much time behind the computer. A shocking 80% of our patients tick the box “loss of Libido”. and report a marked decline of zest in the bedroom.

Of course our libido is highly personal and in addition depends on age, the relationship we are in, our nutritional status and stress levels.

Detoxification, lifestyle changes and natural support for both female and male sex hormones can make a tremendous difference in how we feel and help us enjoy our intimate times with our partner.

If we assess the main factors that have a negative effect on our sexual chemistry we can find find 6 major offenders:

Public enemy number 1 for the libido—pesticides and plasticisers

These chemicals are found in abundance in our environment , polluting our water and soil and  be found in abundance in our house in the form of containers, pots and pans, furnishings and cosmetics . They all contain sex hormone mimicking chemicals that suppress our own oestrogen and testosterone production.

Reduce your exposure by filtering your water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Look for “GREEN”  cleaning alternatives and air the house by opening the windows at least 15 minutes per day per room.

These industrial chemicals are best removed through sweating as our body has not had the change to evolve quick enough to offer a good detox pathway through the liver, kidneys and colon. The ishsko wellness centre’s detox suite combines therapeutic hot mud baths, sauna , vibro-acoustic and light therapy . The therapy is aimed to induce a therapeutic fever to push stagnant blood from our organs to the surface of the skin, which transports the toxins into the sweat and out of the body.

Public enemy number 2 for the libido—electronics pollution

The consequences of being exposed to a constant combination of radiation 24 /7 causes electromagnetic field of the body to become charged beyond what is healthy.  Our hormone glands are especially sensitive to electromagnetic pollution. especially effect the melatonin production in the pineal gland.  Melatonin is very important for our sleep and also plays a vital role in sexuality. When melatonin production is suppressed in humans, the sex drive also leaves much to be desired.

Become EMF aware, protect the body with EMF shielding products, switch off the WIFI at home and remove all IT and electrical gadgets from the bedroom. Stop wearing your mobile phone in your trouser pocket or breast pocket and allow your body to discharge the accumulated EMF by walking barefoot on the grass. Close your laptop at least 2 hours before bed time.

Public enemy number  3 for the libido – medication 

The most common Medications that can harm your sex drive include anti-depressants, ovoid pain killers, birth control pills, anti histamines, anti- anxiety drugs, and weightless pills containing Phentermine. If you are affected ask your GP to look for an alternative.

There are many natural supplements and therapies as well as a natural diet that help regulate mood and anxiety. The ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE offers Autonomic Response testing and nutritional therapy to help you find a natural solution to support the natural healing capacity of the body, while assessing what lays behind the imbalance.

Public enemy number  4 for the libido- heavy metals

Heavy metals like aluminium, lead, mercury arsenic beryllium and tungsten compete with our own beneficial metals . Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium and selenium are important beneficial metals in the formation of oestrogen and testosterone. As the heavy metals can have a 1000 fold stronger bond to the receptors of our enzymes than our beneficial metals, they are altering the shape of the receptor and making it faulty.

Detoxifying the body from heavy metals is an important step towards better health, fertility and libido,  but is best  done under the supervision of an experienced therapist. If mercury fillings or other dental metals are present it is pertinent to have these replaced with biocompatible BPA free composites or ceramic restorations.



Public enemy number  5 for the libido  – prolonged stress

Stress is a natural aspect of our life and can boost creativity and productivity, however, if stress is not burned off and balanced the body produces elevated levels of Cortisol and they suppress our sex hormones. Reduced quantities of sex hormones equals lower libido.

Stress also makes us question our place in our relationships and with partners.

Stress occurs when you perceive that demands placed on you — such as work, school or relationships — exceed your ability to cope. Life can become a rollercoaster and it is important to takes steps to recognise you are on one and and when to step -out.

Balancing stress with meditation, a walk in nature and regular creative Me-time are vital tools for a healthy body and mind.

Our centre offers stress busting therapies like Emotional Freedom Technique , Photon Wave Light and Vibro-acoustic therapy to combat stress in a natural way. Our ISHSKO Vibrational Remedies Libido Essential oil Spray and Libido Essence for males and females helps to lift the spirit , stimulates desire and shifts the attention from the mind to the heart and lower chakra’s.

Public enemy number  6  for the libido; Poor quality sleep

Lack of quality sleep can affect almost every aspect of our sex life, from lowering sex hormone levels to the sense of emotional well-being in the relationship. So if you need any more reasons to go to bed on time tonight, here are many ways going without enough sleep can rest in intimacy. l. Lack of sleep not only reduces levels of testosterone it also negatively effects vaginal lubrication. Sleep deprivation makes us cranky and too tired to care about sex.

Recent studies suggest that by being too stimulated by Television and computer we no longer reach REM sleep. Testosterone is produced during REM sleep cycle. Achieving REM sleep has important healing functions for the body, so set your self up for sleep training is important. Aim to hit the pillow by 10 -11 pm.The time of night when you sleep makes a significant difference in terms of the structure and quality of your sleep. The later you sleep the lighter your REM sleep cycles will be. Improve your bedtime routine by creating a sleeping sanctuary by decluttering and removing stimulation things like fitness equipment, TV, phone chargers and electric alarm clocks.

Current scientific findings have found a correlation between Vit D deficiency and sleep quality. It is suggested that high dose Vitamin D combined with magnesium and Vit B complex just before bed time increases the depth of REM sleep.

If you suffer from diminished libido and want to learn more about how the ishsko wellness centre can help please call us on 0949022569