What is A.R.T and how can it be of benefit?

What is A.R.T and how can it be of benefit?

What is Autonomic Response Testing and how can it be of benefit to us?

“Good health fails only because the self-regulating healing action of the body is impaired.”

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a most valuable tool in determining the root causes of health disturbances wether on an nutritional, structural, mental and/or emotional level. It is an advanced form of muscle testing that is non-invasive, non-electronic and can be used with patients of all ages.

A.R.T tests the function of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which is in direct contact with every cell, organ, tissue and muscle in our bodies. It regulates breathing, heart rate, digestion, immune function, sleep patterns, hormone regulation, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, tissue regeneration and liver and kidney detoxification.

Autonomic Response Testing is often effective when allopathic medicine or other conventional  and alternative diagnosis and treatments fail. It is specifically effective for illnesses of a chronic persistent nature, where conventional medicine finds it hard to interpret the often wide array of symptoms.

Treatments include allergies, chronic pain/infections, immune problems, heavy metal toxicity, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, brain-fog, fibromyalgia, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause problems, thyroid disorders, cancer, diabetes, seizure disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, post traumatic brain injury, sinusitis, digestive problems and many others.

The 7 most common factors for blocking the regulation of the A.N.S are:

  1. Heavy metal burden
  2. Toxic chemicals and Agricultural pesticides and solvents
  3. Food allergies and sensitivities
  4. Infections (parasites, worms, fungi, moulds, bacteria, viruses)
  5. Dental stress, non vital teeth and jaw dysfunction
  6. Unresolved emotional stress
  7. Conflict radiation (WIFI, mobile phones, pylons etc)

A.R.T at The Ishsko Wellness Centre will evaluate the patient with special attention on identifying any of the factors that are blocking a patients A.N.S regulation. Once the blockages have been identified the practitioner will choose a treatment protocol that will correct these problems and discuss how to implement it successfully into one’s day to day life so that the natural healing process can function effectively.

“A.R.T can be beneficial to all and the perfect starting point towards feeling healthy, happy and in positive control of our lives once again.”