Wellness Detox Programs

Our wellness detox programs

Although symptoms of ill health may appear similar, the pathway to the disease as well as the road to recovery is different for each individual.

Are you suffering from typical 21st century ailments or disease? Asthma, Diabetes, Weight problems, Skin Disorders, ME, MS, Anxiety disorder, Cancer, IBS, etc..? These are all on an alarming increase. Most of these diseases have three common factors:

Environmental toxins

Nutritional deficiencies

Electro-Magnetic frequency overload

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Don’t become a statistic and take charge of your own health!

Are you interested in eliminating toxins, improve your digestive system, immune system , clear your “brainfog” and achieve peace of mind? Our programs uses non-invasive Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.) to identify what stands in your way to naturally heal, repair and optimise your health and wellbeing . The results from your A.R.T. screening together with discussions about your lifestyle, concerns and personal goals, enable our team of practitioners to recommend a multi-level wellness program.

Our programs can help address the most common health concerns around digestion, weight loss, elimination of built up toxins, weakened immune system, sleep and stress relief. Our detox program helps you eliminate harmful environmental and heavy metal toxins in a controlled and safe way.

There are no quick fixes to longterm health, so our programs run over 3 months up to 18 months depending on the health challenge and goals.

At The ISHSKO wellness centre we follow the “5 Levels of Health” philosophy, which acknowledges the human being on the physical, emotional, mental and intuitive levels. Each with its own expression, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore the programs typically combine treatments and advise on healthy living principals, detox strategies , structural balance, nutritional advise and emotional/mental wellness activities.

For example a patient may have severe IBS and bloating after eating and suffers regular migraine and always feeling cold .A typical assessment may reveal that a patient has severe wheat and gluten allergies, an overgrowth of harmful gut flora, heavy metal toxicity from her mercury fillings, and a scar from a past injury. All these aspects impaired the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and cause what we refer to as “BLOCKED REGULATION”. The program designed for this patient would include, dietary optimisation, neural therapy for the scar, referral to the biological dentist for safe removal of the fillings, heavy metal elimination and several sessions in the detox suite to raise the core temperature of the body , which will boost her immune system to address any chronic infections. Sessions with the Lymphatic massage therapist and cranial sacral therapist will support her lymphatic system to carry out the toxins and help align the body.

The benefits? Improvement of the increased lymphatic systems, increased blood circulation, healthy gut function and higher levels of energy, more clarity and peaceful mind and a beautiful smile.

Do you feel already in good health but wish to progress to the next level? Our flexible program is based all around the personal goals you wish to achieve.

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949532000.