7 Module Detox Program

Detoxification is not a sprint but a marathon!

Welcome to the Optimum Health - Detox Support Program

Our indoor and outdoor environment has changed dramatically over the last 3 decades. The amount of pollution our bodies are exposed to is already shown to diminish our life span and reduces the quality of our wellbeing. This insult on our health effects not only the older generation but is effecting each age group. The exponential increase of chronic degenerative disease, digestive disorders, infertility and mental illness has been found to indisputable correlate to to our toxic body burden of heavy metals and agricultural herbicides and pesticides. It is a sad fact that neurological disorders are now on the top list of mortality and surpassed heart disease and cancer.

The most toxic offenders are Aluminum nano-particles, Glyphosate, Mercury and Lead. At the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE we believe that regular detoxification forms the best contribution to maintain and achieve good physical health.

Since heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, Electro magnetic frequency pollution and mold toxins hijacks our detoxification system, its effects impact every system of the body. It is therefore good practice to regularly engage in detoxification under professional guidance.

12 months to dramatically influence your wellbeing and health.

This 12-month program is designed to guide you through the 5 phases of detoxification and repair. Each module aims to help you eliminate environmental and heavy metal toxins as well as strengthen the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS regulates the body’s homeostasis and deals with the inert healing and repair of the different organs and systems throughout the different compartments of our body. This system can become dysfunctional by prolonged stressors from the most common contributors: toxins, allergies, chronic infections, impaired microbiome, nutrient imbalances, unresolved emotional stress, scar tissue, non-vital teeth, jaw bone infections (Cavitations) , jaw dysfunction / occlusal imbalance and prolonged exposure to electro magnetic frequencies from man made electrical devices or geopathic stress from the earth.

“Detoxification is not a sprint but a marathon”

Our Autonomic Response testing assessments (A.R.T.) will identify the obstacles in the way of your self-regulatory healing system throughout the
different phases of detoxification. The findings are discussed with our interdisciplinary team of practitioners during case meetings and modules
designed for your specific needs.

The nutritional detox supplements and the appropriate type of detox therapies will be selected for you. The ISHSKO wellness Centre uses and tests for the highest quality and most reputable supplements designed for heavy metal detoxification.

The nutritional detox supplements and the appropriate type of detox therapies will be selected for you. The program is supported with educational information that brings attention to what you can do yourself to improve your quality of life.

The ISHSKO Wellness Team encourages all our patients to become actively involved in their quest to achieve and live healthier lives. The assigned protocol manager will be the liaison between you and the team of practitioners.

“Knowledge means nothing without action”

In addition to the assessments, the 7 module program also incorporates educational material, one- on-one coaching, a healthy budget for detox  support supplements**, 10 support therapy sessions and 6 IonCleanse detox session in our detox suite.

The fortnightly coaching sessions, either by Skype, Face-Time or one-on-one are scheduled throughout the program to help patients stay motivated and to help with any questions.

Patients are required to email their list of questions and concerns 2 days prior to their scheduled coaching session, to make sure there is appropriate time to discuss these with the team.

**A budget for the Nutritional supplementation and remedies is set at €3000.00 based upon average body weight and are incorporated in the full program. However further supplementation may be required at additional cost to the patient, to address specific needs or in patients with above average body weight. This will be communicated and agreed prior to purchase.

The ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE offers this Optimum Health 7-Module detox support program to help patients with the  elimination process of heavy metal and environmental toxins in general. Patients with existing mercury fillings will be supported prior, during and after the removal of metal restorations.

By enrolling in the program patients will learn about the most common aspects that can lead to and positively influence imbalances in the Body- Mind-Spirit system. It helps to implement strategies to strengthen the inert healing capacity of the body, prevent illness or in the long term keep degenerative disease at bay.

The program consists of A.R.T (Autonomic Response Testing) health assessments, therapies to help on a structural, nutritional, energetic and emotional level, detox support remedies and supplements.

Our detox suite offers a deep detoxification solution that is more passive and relaxing and helps enhance the elimination of those toxins that are difficult for the body to eliminate through the liver, kidneys and colon. The program offers PDF downloadable information, exercises and recommendations for modern “Clean Living”.

Our Nutritionist and A.R.T. therapist is your motivator and trouble shooter during the detox process and will be the contact person between the patient and the detox support therapist, so questions and recommendation can be directed efficiently from the appropriate modality to the patient.

Module 1 - Stop contamination

During this first module you will be scheduled with our nutritionist for evaluation of your current dietary habits, your vital signs (height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, mineral balance and Visual acuity test) and a Vitamin D test. You would have been asked to bring in a first morning urine and saliva sample, which will be analysed for the status of your biological terrain.

The protocol manager will go over how and why it is necessary to remove the risk of re contamination of environmental toxins, processed foods and electro-magnetic pollution from the home/work environment. The importance of Clean Water, Air Quality and Organic wholefood diet will be discussed as well as solutions on how to improve this given. The protocol manager will liaise with you about setting up your health goals. And uses a scoring form with regards your current symptom.

The different supplements in the Module 1 – Detox Box will be explained to you in detail. The Module-1 supplements are designed for mopping up toxins from the bowels, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and support the natural detoxification system.

On average it takes between 3-4 weeks before module 2 can commence.

The supplementation is based on a 30 day supply / 60-75 kg in body weight. More supplementation may be needed if the process takes longer at  additional costing.

Module 2 - Opening The Regulation

During the second module your first Autonomic Response Test will be scheduled for Optimisation of the diet for detoxification and opening of the regulation of the Autonomic nervous system (treatment of neurological switching and emotional reversal (limiting beliefs coming from unconscious mind).

On this level of detoxification your will receive homeo-energetic remedies and toxin binders.

The emotional field will be supported with coloured glasses, Photon wave Chromatic light therapy and “tapping” exercises. During this phase you continue to take toxin binders.

During and after this Module the detox support therapies like, Lymphatic Drainage therapy, EFT, Cranial Sacral therapy, the Detox suite and or Colon Hydrotherapy etc will be be needed. The type of support therapy depends on the individuals health condition and will be derived from the ART test.

The supplementation is based on a 4-6 week supply / 60-75 kg in body weight. More supplementation may be needed if the process takes longer at additional costing.

Module 3 - Preparation of the Elimination Organs

You will be ready for your 2nd A.R.T. test when your regulation is opened (4-6 weeks after you started your module 2 protocol. This A.R.T. session screens for the 7 factors that block detoxification: this tests the communication from the ANS to the organs and will test the functioning of the elimination organs.

The ART therapy will target: Kidney cleanse

1) Initial parasite cleanse, this eliminates parasites from all parts of the body – ranging from single-celled amoeba to worms – and with its complete formula, it is able to bind and safely drain parasites, parasite eggs and parasite toxins from the body (31 days and to be repeated after all mercury fillings have been removed).

2) Liver cleanse and optimisation of natural detox pathway. Therapies in this module may include Lymphatic Drainage, Colon Hydrotherapy and the use of our Detox Suite.

The supplementation is based on a 8-10 supply / 60-75 kg in body weight. More supplementation may be needed if the process takes longer at additional costing.

Module 4 - Support During Dental Rehabilitation

Patients who are scheduled to have their mercury fillings replaced with their biological dentist, are advised to adhere to their A.R.T. derived preparation phase supplementation to support the detoxification pathways (colon, kidneys, liver).

Patients who recently had their mercury fillings replaced and have not received IAOMT approved protection during the dental procedures, are at risk of reuptake toxicity if the detox pathways were not adequately supported. It is advisable to schedule an A.R.T assessment to evaluate the impact of the contamination during mercury removal and how to deal with the contamination.

During the removal of mercury fillings and treatment of mal-occlusion (the way the teeth meet), the body can start to eliminate toxins that are  accumulated and stored in the body. This naturally occurs when the autonomic communication from the teeth to the associated organs is restored after the battery effect (from the metal restorations) in the mouth is  eliminated. One can experience a strong release of toxins, chronic previously undetected infections can become the target of the immune system and a variety of unresolved emotions can surface.

These Detox reactions in this phase are normal. With your A.R.T derived nutritional detox protocol combined with our detox support therapies, any  healing crisis can be managed and minimized. During this detox phase your  protocol manager will be in contact on a weekly basis if necessary.

The supplementation is based on a 30 day supply / 60-75 kg in body weight. More supplementation may be needed if the process takes longer at  additional costing.

Module 5 - Cleaning up the matrix

A.R.T. test 3 – This tests evaluates the functioning matrix. The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the non-cellular component present within all tissues and  organs, and provides not only essential physical scaffolding for the cellular constituents but also initiates crucial biochemical and bio-mechanical cues  that are required for tissue morphogenesis, differentiation and homeostasis.

In an analogy; one can not have healthy fish if the fish tanks is not cleaned regularly and the water refreshed.

Supplementation, remedies and support therapies are tested for and differ from person to person. Patient receive 4 fortnightly support calls from our protocol manager.

The supplementation is based on a 8-10 week supply /  60-75 kg in body weight. More supplementation may be needed if the process takes longer or specific supplements are tested for with a higher value than anticipated average costs and will be discussed and approved before they are dispensed.

Therapy Modalities to enhance the elimination process through out the program

Emotional and Mental stress therapy: EFT therapy: Family Constellation – individual session and Group workshops available ( group sessions count as 2 therapy sessions).

Lymphatic drainage massage therapy: Moving stagnant lymph flow is a vital key to elimination, rejuvenation and is an essential component of the immune system. Once the lymph flow is clear the body’s natural healing ability to address illness is significantly enhanced.

Cranial Sacral Therapy:

Detox Suite: Elimination of those toxins through the skin and kidneys. Our Detox suite utilizes hyperthermia therapy (EMF neutral Far infra red sauna), Avalon Light therapy, Vibro-acoustic therapy and IonCleanse hydrogen footbath therapy.

Ionic Detoxification also known as a foot bath detox helps to remove harmful toxins and cellular waste from your body through the kidneys. Safe and dramatically enhanced body detoxification through the healing power of ionization, is done by loading the body with specific nutrients prior each session. Detoxing the body through the IonCleanse foot bath can help with insomnia, brain fog, digestive issues, weight loss , and detoxification of Glyphosate, mercury, lead and aluminium.

LED energetic laser detoxification: Lasers emit a coherent field of bio-photons and by shining the laser beam though a vial containing homeopathic information (toxins, minerals, vitamins, hormones etc.) the light becomes intelligent and communicates with our cells on a quantum level and allows the body to cleans a toxin out of the body, balance vitamin, mineral and hormonal imbalances within 25 hours, by cleaning and balancing the internal environment.

Neural Therapy -Treatment of Scars: Scars can have a deregulating effect on the body and often have a high Voltage output. Scars may be treated multiple times before the voltage is restored to balance. (cold laser-procaine therapy).

Module 6 - Cleaning up the cell wall integrity and intra cellular space

A.R.T. test 4 deals with the health of the intracellular structures and fluids. It ’s focus is all about repairing our energy bank or the mitochondria inside the cell.

The energy released by the mitochondria in our cells is diminished due to  toxicity. In order to enhance the functioning of the cell and to be able to upgrade your level of energy, this phase will include redox signaling, NT factors and lipid replacement therapy ( PC- Phosphatidylcholine, flax oil, safflower oil, hemp oil, coconut oil).

A specific combinations of sub lingual liposomal products are designed to positively impacts energy production on multiple levels. They facilitate fat emulsification, absorption, and transport for energy production, supports brain cells and nerve tissue and offer support of the adrenal cycle. This Phase of intra cellular optimisation takes between 6 and 8 weeks.

The supplementation is based on a 6-8 week supply / 60-75 kg in body weight. More supplementation may be needed if the process takes longer.

Module 7 - Repair and Optimisation

After the body burden of toxins is dealt with, the cell membrane and cell function is improved, the body can spend its energy to repair itself. The balance between breakdown or repair can be influenced by modulating the diet and exercise.

The process of repair is known as autophagy. By activating your own body’s autophagy process, levels on inflammation will go down, aging is slowed down and the body’s metabolic efficiency goes up. There are four ways to stimulate this process:

Eat a diet with high quality fats

Continue on a reduce dietary intake of refined and processed carbohydrates

Get regular exercise, especially high intensity exercise.

Balance your time between life from the mind with quiet self nurturing life from the heart through silent meditation, active bio-energy meditation and Qigong or similar energy practices.

During the repair phase you will learn how to maintaining and build upon your now familiar healthy lifestyle choices.

How to enroll in the program, what is required and the fees involved?

As a participant of the program, what will be expected of you?

We ask all patients to be willing to engage with all facets of the healing work we do. This includes a willingness to work with the “Five Levels of Healing” where all levels of our being are considered in the healing path and has an across modality approach, as sometimes healing on deeper layers is needed for physical healing to fully occur.

We also ask patients to strive for a positive attitude. It’s not unusual to feel worse at times during treatment as issues are addressed and we work with you to get your detox systems supported. A positive attitude is extremely helpful. Studies show negative emotions adversely affect the body’s ability to heal.

It is extremely important to have the financial ability to continue the program for an estimated 12-months. To facilitate our patients, the cost of the program can be spread equally over 12 months by standing order.

After the dental phase, Re-uptake toxicity from heavy metals released from the organs, is the most likely cause of patients feeling unwell or feeling worse than before the removal of mercury fillings. It is therefore crucial to work to resolve any obstacles to proper elimination and support those organs and systems have been under stress, before, during and after the dental phase. As the practitioners at the Centre understand and respect the 5 levels of Healing; repeat visits are needed to adjust your protocol and keep your system progressing on its healing journey.

For patients scoring high in the signs and symptoms questionnaire it is strongly advised to follow our “slowly-slowly” approach to detoxification, in order to avoid strong healing crisis and risk for re-uptake toxicity.

“A heavy metal detox is not a sprint but a marathon and can take up to 12-18 months.”

The initial phases are most practitioner intensive and depend more on detox supplementation, structural therapies and emotional work.

From the almost 30 years of accumulated knowledge in the field of biological dentistry and heavy metal detoxification, we have learned that for each burden of heavy metals/toxins there is an equal burden of chronic infection and unresolved emotional conflict.

The program supports not only the removal of elimination of mercury but also other heavy metals/environmental toxins, the toxic burden from mold toxins. Chronic infections (bacteria, fungi, virus and parasites), that hide in the toxic field and have become invisible to the immune system) can be addressed, and solutions are offered to help deal with Unresolved Mental and Emotional stress.

For many patients, this 12-month program has made this complex journey, a manageable and insightful process. Especially by allowing a longer time period for the detox process to be carried out, the feeling of overwhelm and confusion that often occurs when patients embark on this by them selves, is avoided.

Below is laid out the financial commitments of the 7 module Optimum  Wellness program. Please read through it carefully and we invite you to arrange a meeting with the dentist and our protocol manager to discuss the options after which you can make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.


Patients can enroll in the whole program (12 months) for a fee of €8900, spread over 12 months by S/0 of €742 per month. The budget for the program over the 12 months is divided as follows: A.R.T. testing, lab work and coaching €3600, Basic nutritional support €3600 (including administrative fees and postage), Support therapies €1200, detox suite €600.This way the
program allows for great flexibility. In cases where in addition of heavy metal detoxification, infections also need to be addressed, the budget of nutrition will need to be supplemented by the patients. In patients with chronic degenerative disease the cost of nutrition can range between €3600 and €6500. Patients need to be aware that additional nutrition needs to be paid for in addition to the monthly Standing Order. Additional fees will be  discussed and agreed upon before ordering. Patients can choose to have more therapies when needed in the more active phases of detox and less in the later phases.

Patients can also enroll for the 7 modules, module by module. The modules each have their own fee, which will be charged at the start of each module. The type of therapies included will be discussed and agreed before hand and their fees explained.

Your protocol manager will be available to answer any questions and you can discuss how you would like to proceed. We would like to remind you that this program runs parallel to and is in addition to the dental treatment.

Module 1 – Stop the Exposure

The cost for module-1, including the consultations and vital sign tests, fortnightly support calls with your protocol manager, module 1 supplements and remedies , Vit D blood test, Cholesterol test and educational leaflets and tools.

Module 2 – Opening the Regulation.

A.R.T. assessment 1., remedies and supplements, information and links, and fortnightly support calls with your protocol manager, educational leaflets and support therapies.

Module 3- preparation of the elimination organs: 5-8 weeks.

The cost of ART assessment 3., nutritional support and fortnightly support sessions with our protocol manager and educational leaflets, and support therapies (for example, colonic irrigation or enema’s, lymphatic drainage etc.)

Module 4 – support during the dental rehabilitation.

Included are information leaflets about the tooth-body connection. Continual nutritional support and weekly support from your protocol manager.

Module 5 – Cleaning up the matrix

Total cost of A.R.T. assessment 4, nutritional support, fortnightly support sessions with your protocol manager and educational leaflets and support therapies.

Module 6 – Intracellular health

The cost of Module 6 testing and supplements/remedies and 4 support calls with the protocol manager and support therapies.

Module 7 – Repair phase.

The total cost for module 7 testing and supplements/remedies and 4 support calls with the protocol manager and support therapies.

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